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Dental laboratory

One great advantage of our surgeries is the on-the-spot dental technician laboratory. We work together with a wonderful team of dental technicians, so that we can make the nicest and most precise possible prosthetics jobs in the shortest possible deadline with the help of cutting-edge technical equipment and highest quality knowledge.That enables us to carry out fast and precise dental technician jobs-hopefully  

without a hitch. It may happen in other surgeries that patients shall show up at their dentists for fittings, however at our surgery-if need be-the dental technician on the spot is able to immediately correct the small differences.

In the dental techniques they only work with precision equipment  and use such materials only that are under the strictest quality control (Bego, nickel free ZWO Metal C., Shera Alloy-E, -Vita, Noritake etc.). The fact that other private dentists (German, Italian, Austrian) require our dental laboratory services with home delivery which is done by our own delivery system-is a proof that our laboratories provide especially high quality jobs.

Nowadays it is a basic requirement that any work made by china shall adopt to the big picture and shall not show even a minimal differences in color. This is impossible to execute without personal aesthetic workout. The educated eye and high quality work of our ceramics enables us to react excellent results- they are able to recognize the tiniest details in the mouth of our patients.

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