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Profident Dental Center Ltd. started its operation in 1993. Our clinic can be found in the heart of Budapest at the crossing of Rákóczi Street-Károly Boulevard, opposite Hotel Astoria.

It is the well-equipped surgeries, the highly qualified dentists moreover the spacious, air conditioned waiting rooms-but above all; the excellent patient-doctor relations-combination that helps the usual stress and anxiety-caused by the treatments- to ease or to vanish fully. The eight surgery halls at our clinic make it possible to provide the treatments to our clients with little or zero waiting time.

We offer total, complex dental treatments in our surgery-such as; aesthetic  tooth supplementation, bridges and crowns (such as; Circonium) aesthetic filling, inlay and onlay, emergency treatments, pediatric dental treatments, tooth-controlling, dental surgical treatments, tooth implantation, dental hygienic treatments, laser mucosal therapy, Panorama,-Cephalo-, layershot, professional tooth whitening, Prophyflex treatment, precision metal,

titanium and zirconium works. At our reception we offer different dental hygienic products. The easiest available dental surgery of Budapest is waiting for You at Astoria.

There is an excellent dental technician team at the premises to serve our clients. That enables us to execute the dental technician tasks fast, precise and without any complications. Patients in other surgeries have to wait long hours for treatments many times and have to show up often until the bridges or other dental technician work gets done. It comes from the fact that most dental clinics do not have the opportunity to make settings and corrections on the spot-lots of them outsource

the dental technician tasks and consequently the direct connection between the patient, the doctor and the technician vanishes.

Our aim is to provide the best to our patients, so our technicians are right there at the venues where they are able to solve all the difficulties coming up. They are able to directly observe and judge how the completed works may look like in the mouth of the patients, so that they can quickly and efficiently carry out the necessary aesthetic and functional modifications.

Our technicians only work with the most precise equipment and use only such materials which pass the strictest quality tests (Bego, Vita, Noritake etc). The quality of our work is sufficient for several private dental practices, including German and Austrian practices-which request our laboratory services and expect us to deliver the technical jobs personally to them. We pay high attention to the aesthetics of our jobs, that is a key element of our work. Shall the quality of the job be excellent but not the aesthetic quality-than, according to our opinion it cannot be acceptable. We are aware of the fact that none of our patients want visible differences on their teething between their own teeth and the supplementation. Any dental work made of china shall perfectly fit both in form and in color. The routined eyes of our ceramic team insures the excellent aesthetic result since they are able to recognize and to solve the tiniest differences as well.

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