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Consultation & Treatment Plan


We make X-Ray ( digital panoramic X-Ray, intraoral X-Ray, tele X-Ray) in order to be able to prepare a precise treatment plan and to diagnose a possible problem.

Mouth Check, Treatment Plan

After analyzing the X-Ray and carrying out a detailed mouth check our doctors prepare a personalized treatment plan, discuss all the upcoming questions and the possible treatment alternatives with the patients.

Diagnodent laser check

Normally dentists identify the extension of tooth decay with their own eyes and using a small probang. Consequently it can easily happen that they do not notice the subtle dents and the invisible changes on the tooth surface. Diagnodent is a laser diagnosis equipment with the help of which it is very easy to spot any decay on the tooth surface which otherwise is invisible. Diagnodent sends laser rays to the teeth which than scan the teeth surface and reflect back to the sensor of the machine. The light gets into the slots and small camber between the teeth, so nothing can remain hidden or uncovered. This diagnostic procedure is absolutely painless, it is similar to using a small lamp and lighting over our teeth.

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