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Fillings – Inlay & Onlay

Instead of the traditional filling it is possible to make a preciously inlay-lining. During the process the dentist first prepares the alveolus, takes a precise imprint and after sticks in the inlay-made based on the above.

Inlay can be made of heavy plastic, ceramics or of precious metal. Especially beautiful is the combination of precious metal and ceramics.

Onlay is made for the reparation of a tooth-if there is a lot missing from it .This correction method is carried out with very high level of precision-that is why the long lifetime is guaranteed.

The Golden Inlay

The golden inlay is the best possible solution to the molar, big back tooth. The sides of the filling ensure a perfect closure since gold can be layed on firmly. Gold is a really tissue friendly material that is well tolerated by the human body, so it can only very rarely cause allergy and the appearance of side effects is minimal as well. Moreover, clinical testings prove that gold has a slight antibacterial effect.


Shall the lifetime of the correction be the most important to you, it is worth to choose that solution since gold is not only timelessly elegant but also is characterized by easy work ability.

Ceramics (porcelain) inlay

Porcelain inlay is the aesthetically most beautiful alternative compared to all the other fillings. Ceramics is such a powder that mixed with water becomes posh-like and finally turns into porcelain burnt in a special stove, and this porcelain due to its color and transparency ensures a beautiful final result.

Belle-Glass inlay

During this process the heavy plastic inlay that is made in the dental technique laboratory gets stuck onto the earlier prepared tooth. With the plastic inlay a natural tooth color and an aesthetic final result is easily available.

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