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Oral Surgery-Stomatoplasty

Today we do not have to worry about operative dentistry treatments due to the modern painkillers. Our excellent doctors and assistants carry out the treatments with the highest attention-with that shortening the unpleasant period after the treatment and also the healing period.

Extraction of a tooth

One of the most formidable dental treatments to the patients is the extraction of a tooth. Our dentists do everything possible to save the given tooth, however, in a small percentage of the cases the extraction of the tooth is unavoidable. In case of tooth extraction our colleagues carry out the process with the highest attention paid in order for the patients to suffer the least possible inconvenience during the treatment.

Unavoidable tooth extraction:

  • Tooth decay damaged the tooth to such an extent that it cannot be restored with filling or with prosthetic methods (inlay, crown etc.)
  • In case of serious parodontium disease
  • The patient was diagnosed with a plexus disease (arthritis, loss of hair, sight problems) caused by the sore tooth.
  • The sore tooth does not heal or cannot be treated with root canal
  • For orthodontics purposes

After tooth extraction:

  • After extraction do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, coffee or milky food.
  • Do not disturb the blood in the wound. Do not rinse your mouth for 1-2 days. It is of crucial importance-absolutely indispensable-for the recovery that the arosen blood fills up the place of the extraction-
  • Should you experience small bleeding from the wound, bite on a clear gauze sheet and repeat it until the bleeding stops
  • Very important is the mouth hygienic-the teeth have to be washed carefully.
  • You can pack the territory with a cold fomentation from the outside.
  • Try to relax after the surgery, avoid physical work or sporting Activity on that day.
  • The effect of local anesthesia wears off approximately after 2 hours-until it is effective eating is forbidden in order to avoid the accidental biting of the face.
  • Pain can appear once the anesthesia wears off-in such cases it is suggested to take a painkiller 1-1,5 hours after extraction.
  • Shall the wound still be painful 3 days after the surgery, or the place of the tooth is extraordinarily swollen-please visit our clinic!

Cyst-Root apex resection

Cyst is a formulate originating from malformations or from inflammations. Does not belong to the group of tumors, since it is not a result of cell division. If there is a root-cyst around the top the tooth, the healing of the tooth is only possible is the cyst is extracted with surgery. During the root apex resection (amputation of the top of the root) together with the tissues around the morbid root top, the end of the root top is also extracted in order for the tooth and the place around the root top to heal.

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