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Prosthetics Structures

A nest ensures the precise turning and stabile connection for the implant heads inside the inner cave system of the implant. The preparation of the prosthesis can be made with the help of numerous types of implant heads, for instance the connecting part of the Replace system guarantees a very precise, stable and turning-proof implant head connection-due to the triangle form pushed into the body of the implant. There is a big selection of implant heads on the market.


Prosthesis can be made with:

  • Screwed fixing ( Multi-unit abutment) with straight or with oblique head and with different mantle height
  • Glued crowns, bridges with industrial titanium or circonium-oxid head ( Esthetic abutment)
  • Beam to anchor the removable prosthesis or ball-headed fixing
  • Bridge prosthesis fixed by a screw (nordic bridge)
  • Individual shaped and angular offset implant heads- created with the help of Procera systems operated by Noble Biocare ( CAD/CAM based computer controlled)
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