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Tooth Whitening

Mainly due to cosmetic reasons we use tooth whitening. In the course of the whitening process the lighter color of the teeth is reached with the acid from the whitening material. It is of crucial importance that the teeth and the gum are clean and healthy. So before the whitening treatment a precise check a D a professional cleaning is needed.

It is a misbelief that whitening damages the teeth and the gum. Several studies prove its efficiency and its harmlessness, moreover, the tooth enamel, the dentin and the fillings remain damage free. Whitening only works for natural dental materials, so the crowns, bridges, inlays and fillings do not get lighter in the process. That is why it is important that first the whitening shall be done and only after can come any needed corrections.

Whitening at home

The treatment is painless-in certain cases a temporary acute tooth sensitivity or pain in the gum may occur, but these wear off quickly. The treatment can often be repeated without any problems for the gum or the teeth. A good dental hygiene and regular professional cleaning guarantee the long term result.  Today we can choose from whitening at home or at a surgery. At our surgery we prepare you the proper precision lines for the upper the lower teeth as well. You need to apply the whitening gel to those lines and put them onto the teeth after washing them. Any surplus has to be removed.

The lines can be takes off after a few hours and the teeth have to be washed again. It is suggested to repeat the process every second or third day-until we reach the wished result.

Clinical Whitening

It is suggested to be carried out 1-2 days after professional cleaning. The intervention takes only half an hour-during which time even 6-7 shades of color correction can happen. The whitening gel applied to the top of the teeth and the special blue light help to reach the desired result-the bright, white teeth!

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