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General items
Consultation package with panoramic x-ray50 €
Panoramic X-ray30 €
Dental X-ray (small) 14 €
Full scaling, deep cleaning and polishing80 €
CT120 €
Anesthetic 15 €
Aesthetic Treatment
ZOOM - New450 €
Conventional Tooth Whitening Upper/Lower (together) 280 €
Night trainer160 €
Conservativ Treatment
Tooth Coloured Filling (3 M Gradia) 115-145 €
Inlay (Belle Glas)240 €
Inlay ( M-Press)330 €
Inlay (Gold) + gold price 250 €
Root Canal Treatment/Canal (per canal) 105 €
Fixation with splint / Tooth60 €
Post/ Core 90 €
Implantation Alpha Neo680 €
Implantation, Straumann Neodent540 €
Implantation Nobel Replace CC820 €
Implant exposure (own)/Healing abutment70 €
Abutments Alpha Bio, screw retained410 €
Straumann Neodent screw retained abutment320 €
Abutment Nobel Replace, screw retained575 €
Oral Surgery
Extraction 120 €
Extraction (surgical) 165 €
Resection170 €
Bone replacement little565 €
Bone replacement big1160 €
Sinus Lift500 €
Membran material fee little325 €
Membran material fee big650 €
Crown, Bridge (porcelain fused to metal) 290 €
Crown, Bridge (porcelain fused to gold + gold price*) 300 €
E.max inlay360 €
Porcelain (M-Press) Veneer390 €
E.max Veneer450 €
Crown Zircon460 €
Temporary bridge per tooth (longterm)78 €
Pin110 €
All-on-4® full contour circonium bridge5000 €
All-on-4® temporary bridge1400 €
Denture (per jawbone) 755 €
Partial Cast Upper or Lower Denture with teeth 780 €
Precision Attachment 250 €
Primer and Secunder Telescopic Crowns 355 €
Temporary denture535 €
Net for denture150 €
Denture correction100 €


This is a simplified price list to help you calculate dental treatment costs more quickly. Many services are already included in these prices, such as shorter production times for crowns and bridges (maximum 5 days instead of 7). Injections, provisional crowns, fillings under crowns, root canal treatment and other procedures are also covered. Many of our team members are fluent in English, and we also provide translation services for various other languages. We guarantee access to the best specialist for your required treatment with minimal waiting times. You will receive formal invoices in several languages.

These prices also include a complimentary airport transfer to and from the clinic if you arrange it via email with our reception. We aim to offer our patients a transparent way to calculate dental treatment costs, free from hidden expenses.

Please note that the prices below serve as guidelines and may be subject to change depending on the situation. We may also provide special prices and offers for you.

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