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General items 
Consultation package with panoramic x-ray50 €
Panoramic X-ray30 €
Dental X-ray (small) 15 €
Dental Hygienic Package (scaling, Panoramic x-ray, treatment plan)70 €
CT90 €
Anesthetic 5 €
Aesthetic Treatment 
ZOOM - New350 €
Conventional Tooth Whitening Upper/Lower (together) 150 €
First orthodontic consultation200 €
Total orthodontic treatment with multiband 2 X 2800 €
Esthetic orthodontic treatment with multiband 2 X 3300 €
Retention tray 2 X 150 €
Night trainer95 €
Conservativ Treatment 
Tooth Coloured Filling (3 M Gradia) 70-90 €
Inlay (Belle Glas)240 €
Inlay ( M-Press)330 €
Inlay (Gold) + gold price 200 €
Root Canal Treatment/Canal (per canal) 99 €
Fixation with splint / Tooth95 €
Post/ Core 80 €
Implant (Alpha-Bio from Nobel Biocare)480 €
Implant opening + Abutment (Alpha-Bio from Nobel Biocare)160 €
Implant opening + Zircon Abutments (Alpha-Bio from Nobel Biocare)320 €
Implant opening + Esthetic Abutments (Replace)260 €
Implant opening + Zircon Abutments (Replace)575 €
Implant opening + Abutments (Replace) conecting to bar + gold*535 €
All-on-4 Replace Nobel Biocare (including implants)15 994 €
Oral Surgery 
Extraction 55 €
Extraction (surgical) 150 €
Resection145 €
Bone replacement little260 €
Bone replacement big425 €
Sinus Lift420 €
Membran material fee little210 €
Membran material fee big330 €
Crown, Bridge (porcelain fused to metal) 280 €
Crown, Bridge (porcelain fused to gold + gold price*) 280 €
Crown (Ivoclar IPS)390 €
Porcelain (M-Press) Veneer390 €
Crown Zircon460 €
Temporary bridge per tooth (longterm)60 €
Pin80 €
Denture (per jawbone) 440 €
Partial Cast Upper or Lower Denture with teeth 650 €
Precision Attachment 255 €
Primer and Secunder Telescopic Crowns 255 €
Temporary denture400 €
Net for denture100 €
Denture correction80 €


This is a simplyfied pricelist for an easier calculation of dental treatments. Many services are already included into the prices like shorter production times for crowns and bridges (max. 5 days instead of 7). Iinjections, provisorical crowns, fillings under crowns, trepanations in root canal treatments, etc are also included. Furthermore the service of highly qualified dentists, who speak very good English, or translators for other languages plus formal invoices in several languages. We guarantee the best specialist for the needed treatment and almost no waiting times. These prices also include a free airport transfer to the clinic, if you make an appointment via e-mail and you arrange the transfer with our reception via e-mail. So we offer the possibility for our patients of an easy calculation of dental treatments without any further hidden costs. Please note that the prices below serves as guidelines and may subject to change depending on the situation, as we may give special prices and offers to you.

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