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Our dental clinic has been serving both local and overseas patients for over 25 years. Profident Dental Center is located in the heart of Budapest and is surrounded by numerous sights. Our comprehensive services and the methods we use are the most advanced available. Our dentists work as specialists of the given field in well-equipped surgeries.
We have created a family atmosphere with affordable prices, consequently over the years.

Our clinic has become known not only in our country, but also internationally. Our specialists speak a range of different foreign languages. Most importantly for our patients, we assume comprehensive warranty for our work.

If necessary, we help our patients arrange for their accommodation and provide free airport shuttle service. The high standard of our work is guaranteed by our Quality Assurance System.


Profident Fogászati Centrum in figures


Our clinic has long been welcoming its patients at the same location under the same name.



Yearly more than 3000 aesthetic crowns we prepare.



14 of our highly qualified doctors provide full professional service.



Our cutting edge technology surgeries are there to serve the convenience of our patients.



Yearly more than 500 implants get placed in.



We are proud that our surgery has already been visited by more than 150.000 clients.


Most important treatments

Dental Implantation

Implant insertion is a several decade long historical treatment supplementing traditional prosthesis. The dental implants are titanium made screws which placed into the jawbone function as fake roots. The implant- the material of which is fully tissue friendly- within 3-6 months joining the nearby bones make strong, truly bearing carrier unit.


Prosthetic Dentistry

It is important to make up for even one missing tooth, since missing teeth lead to dental unbalance besides the aesthetic problems. The neighboring and opponent teeth may shift, move out of their place and the unbalance of the contact points may lead to tooth decay, tendinitis and finally may end up loosing another tooth. The longer is the lack of a tooth, the more complicated is the replacement. Prosthetic dentistry requires a precise job in a strong collaboration between the dentist and the dental technician.


Prosthetics Structures

A nest ensures the precise turning and stabile connection for the implant heads inside the inner cave system of the implant. The preparation of the prosthesis can be made with the help of numerous types of implant heads, for instance the connecting part of the Replace system guarantees a very precise, stable and turning-proof implant head connection-due to the triangle form pushed into the body of the implant. There is a big selection of implant heads on the market.


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Our English speaking colleague will be there to help you in everything from arranging your trip, to answer all your questions and to provide you detailed information about the expected process of the treatments.

Budapest is near

There are low-cost airlines from several cities in the United Kingdom (such as London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow etc…) with tickets from 17€. For further information please visit the website of low-cost airlines: ryanair.comwizzair.comeasyjet.comeurowings.com.

Free check-up

In our surgeries with the most modern diagnostic equipment we inspect the condition of your teeth- based on which our specialist summarizes the suggested dental treatments for You.

We do not waste your time

Our dental technic laboratory can be found inside the building and  with the help of expedited treatment procedure You can get your perfect smile with the shortest deadlines and the possible most effective way.

Explore Budapest

Recharge between the treatments and make your trip richer with wonderful experiences in the beautiful city of Budapest.

Prices in ENGLAND

Tooth implant


Implant bridge on 2 implants


Prices in HUNGARY

Tooth implant


Implant bridge on 2 implants


Sights of Budapest

Matthias Church

Matthias Church ( in Hungarian; Mátyás Templom) is a Roman style catholic church opposite Fishermen's Bastion. In the middle ages it was the second biggest church in Buda and the seventh biggest in the Hungarian Kingdom.

Budapest-the City of Spas

Uniquey in the world there are 123 springs carrying 70 million liters of 21-78Celsius degrees thermal water every day, from which the spas of Budapest also gain their water and with which we can proudly call Budapest the City of Spas. The biggest spa of Europe can also be found in Budapest, that is the Széchenyi Bath.

The Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament (in Hungarian: Országház) that we call in Hungarian the house of the nation is located at the Pest side of the river Danube. The Parliament is one of the most famous symbol of the country and also is a popular tourist attraction. In 1873 Budapest was united from three smaller cities and on the 7th anniversary of the union was the Parliament built as a sign of national sovereignty.

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