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Parallel to the technological developments and due to the expectations of today’s world there is a growing demand to orthodontics-to the proper laying of the teeth. Naturally solving the aesthetic problems cannot be the only aim of orthodontics-equally important is to restore the chewing function. It is the disorder of the teeth and the jaws that can be corrected with the help of orthodontics. Any disorder can be first recognizable in the childhood at around the age of 6-7 when the first steady teeth appear.

Parents often get surprised when the steady teeth replace the temporary ones at the mouth of the children and the earlier pretty and ordered teeth suddenly become seemingly too big and often disordered. This is the best time to first visit an orthodontist. However, in many cases the disorder of the teeth comes from the disharmony of the jawlines and does not merely cause aesthetic problems. These can be corrected or developed with the application of different orthodontic equipment.

In case of orthodontic treatments for adults the need to be able to wear the braces daytime as well and invisible of course, often comes up so today there are lots of braces that do not cause any aesthetic problems.

Removable Braces

The most important aim of pediatric orthodontics is to create a harmony for the undeveloped teeth, for the fact and the jawlines and to correct the chewing abnormalities coming from bad habits. At this age we always use for this target removable braces. Removable braces are convenient for the children, need to be worn for the night only or in some cases for an hour during the day as well. The traditional equipment are made of acrylate with minimal metal elements.

The trainers-the new type of braces-are made of different severity silicone. Trainers are quite comfortable they are without a palate and metal elements. Their task is to develop the teeth arche and to help get rid of the bad habits and so to solve the functional problems caused by them. These equipment work softly with moderate power. Children can get the following devices at the age of 6-13 and shall wear them for several years.

Fixed Devices

Treatments with fixed devices become rather typical after the steady teeth come out, we work with such devices in case of adult patients. This usually means the multiband equipment used for the upper and lower teeth. These treatments can already often be combined with the removal of steady teeth. In case of orthodontics for adults the need for an invisible daytime brace. There are more solutions for that. Rarely though but the night braces can also be effective.

Another solution is choosing one type of the aesthetic material made multiband equipment, or if possible the partial us age of the equipment- not sticking it on all of the teeth just on some of them.

In the duration of orthodontics (18-36 months) it is of crucial importance to pay high attention to the hygienic of the mouth due to the growing risk of tooth decay in the period. At the end of the active orthodontic period it is needed to conserve the the good result. Meetings with the orthodontic dentist are not needed so frequently  in the period but it is suggested to visit the doctor every few months at the beginning and once a year afterwards.

  • Blocks made of sidelong plates acryliic are used to correct cross-bites. They need to be fixed with cement to more members of the antagonist teeth arche and within 4-5 weeks the sidelong plates corrects the disordered tooth with the power of the bite. Here we have to mention the so called placeholders. The too early removal of the milk grinder teeth the place shrinks for the remaining teeth, since the growth of the jawbones does not happen there and the back teeth quickly move forward. The equipment consists of a metal ring cemented to the first big grinder and of the wire loop blown on the metal ring flexed to the place of the milk grinder.
  • Rapid-exponder equipment. The big expansion of the upper teeth arche can be reached with that. Ideal for young adults, is only effective when combined with surgery in case of not so young adults. That consists of cemented metal ring which meet in a strong screw close to the palate. With the activation of the screw-more times per day at the beginning- the sutural at the center of the palate cracks. The impact is spectacular; the first two frontal teeth are separating from each other-a proof that the equipment is working.
  • The Quad-Helix also has a similar effect. The lingual arche can be used in the lower teeth arche, which can also be fixed to the metal ring cemented to the big grinder either welded or in a tube running close to the tongue side of the teeth.
  • The Multiband equipment is the most often used one. It consists of pillar elements and of actively working ones. The pillars are tubes which need to be fixed to the grinders with a special glue just as the brackets-which are special locks. Brackets can be fixed to the teeth with a glue especially developed for that purpose-direct bonding. Brackets can be made of several materials; metal, plastic, porcelain or even gold. The brace arches -doing the active orthodontics-which can also be made of several types of metal run in a very precise line that are placed in the brackets. The brackets can be fixed to the arches either by rubber rings or by metal wires. Throughout the years many different multiband techniques have been developed.

There also exists the so called invisible brace which means several invisible transparent lines. That invisible line has been developed and is produced in the US and is called Invisalign.

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